Best escape rooms in Worcester

Find the best Escape Rooms in Worcester, you can choose between 6 Escape Games on our website. If you like to use your brain and active relaxation, Escape Room Games are the right choice for you. These games are both exciting adventures and a great team game. The goal of these games is to escape from a room within the given time or to complete a mission. Escape Rooms are becoming more and more popular all over UK and available in more and more cities. If you are looking for an escape room adventure in Worcester, here you can easily choose it.

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Escape rooms in Worcester

These are the most popular Escape Rooms in this city. Check the ratings before you choose an Escape Room.
Interpol receive a worrying call from a man called Noah. He tells them that the biggest dams in the world are wired with explosives. His reason? He want...
You are a top secret agent who managed to get into the secret headquarters of Charles II. Your mission is to understand what the plans of the enemy are,...
Alice is a girl who loves to dream. She likes to tell amazing stories about weird places and uncommon characters, but no one listens to her or believes ...
A new super villain named The Virus Man has appeared in the city. He is looking to infect every civilian with a gooky, snotty flu and cold virus. You ar...
BIOwolf is a top secret military project which was set up to formulate an injection which creates super soldiers. Due to the stringent and experimental ...
You are on vacation with your family and friends in a lovely log cabin tucked away deep in the forest, miles away from the nearest soul. You decide to t...
A sandstorm is approaching the tomb and you are trapped deep inside after the only currently known entrance and exit has been blocked. You only have 1 h...
You are the only surviving crew on board a defective spacecraft, which lies in ruins after a collision with a satellite. With only an hour of air left i...